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Operating under the Influence of Alcohol (OUI)

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After spending years investigating and prosecuting operating under the influence cases (OUI), Boston criminal defense attorney George N. Papachristos knows the exact procedural requirements inherent in the investigative and courtroom aspect of such cases. Mr. Papachristos handled operating under the influence cases from 2005 to 2012, at the district court and superior court level. Even before he was promoted to the Motor Vehicle Homicide Unit, Mr. Papachristos had handled, disposed and tried an incredible number of OUI related offenses, including jury and Judge Trials. His experience expanded to an even great level after being promoted to the Vehicular Crime Unit in 2006.

Attorney Papachristos’s role in the Unit involved being dispatched to the scenes of any fatals that involved a motor vehicle, in order to conduct the investigation of the possibility of a crime, alongside local and State law enforcement. As part of his duties within the Unit, Mr. Papachristos responded to the location of crime scenes at any time during his on-call rotation, which ultimately lead to criminal charges, or the investigation pointed to other factors which did not point to any criminal action. In doing so, Attorney Papachristos received extensive training in the areas of OUI Investigations, Accident Reconstruction, Crash Data Retrieval (“Black Box”), courtroom preparation and presentation of experts within any field involved in the area of Motor Vehicle Homicides and OUI cases, including toxicology experts.

Mr. Papachristos extensive experience gained through the Unit gave him the necessary and indispensable ability to assess all aspects of an OUI case, in and out of the courtroom. His courtroom experience gave him the invaluable skills to be able to navigate through all areas of the criminal process, including ability to challenging the testimony or evidence presented by the Government at any aspect of the case. Attorney Papachristos also has the in-depth knowledge of how the investigation phase of these types of cases unfold, and is able to use that knowledge and experience gained through his involvement in the elite Unit, in order to defend his client’s rights. Due to Mr. Papachristos’s experience in both aspects of OUI and Motor Vehicle Homicide cases, it gives him a great advantage over others who did not have the opportunity or experience that he has had.

Before leaving the District Attorney’s Office, Mr. Papachristos was promoted to a full time Superior Court Assistant District Attorney in 2007 and conducted grand jury investigations and presentations in regards to OUI and Motor Vehicle Homicide cases almost on a weekly basis. Attorney Papachristos has vast Superior Court experience, including being a speaker in the Norfolk County Bench Bar Spring Seminar in April of 2012, in the area of Accident/ Crash Reconstruction.

We know how important your case is to you, and it is important to us, too. If you are facing criminal charges, we will work tirelessly to protect your rights and defend your case. Due to Mr. Papachristos’s first-hand knowledge of investigating, negotiating, and trying criminal cases, he knows the strategies employed by prosecutors and police officers, and is able to utilize such facets in strict defense of his clients’ rights.

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