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Massachusetts Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Civil Litigation Attorney

Boston criminal defense lawyer and family law attorney George N. Papachristos provides outstanding legal representation to clients with respect to a broad range of legal matters. Prior founding The Law Office of George N. Papachristos, he spent several years as a Massachusetts prosecutor. This experience has given him a strong knowledge of the law, the Criminal Justice system, and the Massachusetts court system, enabling him to be a strong advocate for his clients.

Experienced Milton Criminal Attorney

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Papachristos has significant courtroom experience in the area of criminal law. This experience has given him valuable insight into the workings of a criminal case. He spent years working alongside other prosecutors as well as police officers, giving him the ability to understand the complex and intricate aspects of the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases. He knows what a criminal defendant is up against and will work tirelessly to protect his clients’ rights, while also trying to reach a favorable resolution for them, if and when such resolution is possible.

The U.S. Constitution provides criminal defendants with certain rights. It is of the utmost importance that an individual retains an attorney that is aware of his or her rights, and is able to strategically assert them for their protection. In any criminal case, the prosecution has the burden of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Without the representation of an aggressive criminal defense attorney, a defendant or the subject of an investigation may unnecessarily provide information that assists the prosecution with its case. Whether you have been charged with a vehicular crime or are the subject of a drug investigation, Milton criminal lawyer George N. Papachristos has the experience and skills to help you. We will work vigorously to get any charges dismissed, and if that is not possible, we will work with you to determine whether to try to negotiate a plea or move forward to trial.

Compassionate Family Law Attorney

We understand that family law cases involve extreme emotions, and will make every effort to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. In divorce and child custody cases, it is often best to try to work toward reaching a mutually agreeable outcome, if possible. For example, Massachusetts courts focus on the best interests of the child when determining child custody cases. Parents often must work together or share custody. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining productive interpersonal relationships with all parties and working toward the best possible outcome for everyone involved, but we also understand that family law cases can grow contentious, and we always work with our clients to ensure their rights are protected and their interests are addressed. Mr. Papachristos’ former role in handling cases involving victims of serious crimes or their families gave him the innate ability to provide emotional and legal support to those facing serious legal consequences in relation to matters of family law.

Mr. Papachristos’ experience as a prosecutor also gave him the legal and personal skills to handle spousal abuse cases. He knows how the system works, and how to secure protective and harassment prevention orders.

We handle all family law cases with compassion and empathy. We know that many family law matters cause our clients stress, and we work hard to make the legal process as painless as possible for our clients.

Skilled Civil Litigator

The Law Office of George N. Papachristos represents both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation matters, including contract disputes.

A contract dispute sometimes begins with a question of whether a valid and enforceable contract even exists. Although many contracts can be oral, certain types of contracts are only enforceable if written. Even when the parties agree that the contract exists, there can be a dispute regarding the terms of the agreement. Contract disputes that reach litigation generally involve a claim that one party breached, or failed to perform, a requirement under the contract. The damages available in a breach of contract case will depend on the terms of the contract and the nature and extent of the breach.

We will make every effort to negotiate with the other side in any civil dispute, but sometimes an amicable resolution is not possible. Mr. Papachristos has nearly a decade of courtroom experience, which gives him an intricate knowledge of courtroom mechanics and evidence presentation when it comes to trying a case.

Dedicated Legal Representation

The Law Office of George N. Papachristos is dedicated to providing excellent legal representation to all of our clients. Our office is located in Quincy, Massachusetts and we serve clients in Boston, Quincy, Dedham, and the surrounding areas. If you need the services of a Milton criminal lawyer, a family law attorney, or a civil litigator, contact the Law Office of George N. Papachristos at (617) 328-7100 or online.

Client Testimonials
  • "I highly recommend Mr.Papachristos. Mr.Papachristos is a man of his word and works very hard for his clients... " Former Client
  • "Papachristos is truly worth his weight in gold..! He maneuvers his way through the courtroom with power and eloquence. His effectiveness is due to his experience and the possession of a silver-tongue... " W.H.
  • "George's ability to comfort his clients with one hand while doggedly fighting with the other is something I've personally never seen in my years of working with attorneys (both in and out of the courtroom) and wish more would emulate.... " C.B.
  • "Not only did George fight diligently for me and get the result that most did not think was even possible, but he also eased my anxiety, pretty much doubling as a therapist..." Former Client
  • "George Papachristos is by far one of the easiest attorneys to work with and I have had great experience with him as my lawyer. He makes sure to take the time to explain and have his clients understand what will be expected and what can be done to better the situation... " J.M.
  • "After one of our family members was falsely accused in an assault and battery case, we reached out for help to Attorney Papachristos. Thanks to Attorney Papachristos, we were able to quickly put this unpleasant episode behind us and move on with our lives... " H.K. and T.N.
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