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"If you're reading this, you're likely seeking the best person to save you from a dire situation. Look no further. If you're researching this, you're deciding who can best represent you during one of your life's most consequential moments. Look no further. If you're debating this, you're wondering who has the greatest skills and experience to fight for you both in and outside of the courtroom. Look no further. If you're assessing this, you're pondering who has the best team to work tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf. Look no further. If you're still reading this, consider yourself lucky. You've found the one lawyer who will believe in you, go to war for you and fight for justice until he gets you the results that you need. Rest easy. You can stop looking now. You've found the Law Office Of George N. Papachristos. In George I trusted. And so will you."

Former Client.

"I was arrested over a weekend with a state holiday the following Monday and was really in a pinch for time. I called Mr. Papachristos' office and reached the voicemail, the voicemail message gave an emergency contact number. I had reached out to a number of attorneys by this point and had not heard back so I decided to call the emergency number and learned it was Mr. Papachristos' cell phone. In the scheme of things I did not believe my call was an emergency however it felt like one to me. George called me back in under an hour, on what was presumably his day off as it was a state holiday. He gave me time to explain my situation, listened, gave me feedback, as well as helped me relax a little bit(I had court the very next morning). George was very easy to talk to and had a positive attitude on the phone which helped a lot. He basically told me what my options were and told me how to handle court the next morning, without asking for payment or anything. George let me know that he could get an attorney there for me in the morning however I really didn't need one and I should be all set if I followed his advice. He advised on how I should plea as well as what the next steps would be. Due to George's advice my case actually ended up being dismissed, which was a better outcome than I expected my best case scenario would be! I had been contacted by another attorney prior to George calling, the other attorney sounded much less hopeful on the phone and told me that I should have an attorney with me at court in the morning and talked about his fees. Never did George mention payment once. I can't say enough good things about Mr. Papachristo's professionalism and helpfulness in my scenario. The reviews everyone leaves about him tell all in my opinion. I will be saving all of his contact information in case I am ever in need of an attorney!"

Devin M.

"George Papachristos is by far one of the easiest attorneys to work with and I have had great experience with him as my lawyer. He makes sure to take the time to explain and have his clients understand what will be expected and what can be done to better the situation. No question about it, next time I need a lawyer I will be calling the law offices of George Papachristos because any other call would be the wrong move to make in my mind."


"Papachristos is truly worth his weight in gold..! He maneuvers his way through the courtroom with power and eloquence.. His effectiveness is due to his experience and the possession of a silver-tongue.. The peace of mind George gives me is priceless!"

Amazing experience and result!

"The worst mistake I've ever made was getting involved in this case, but the best decision I made after it was coming to George! I had a larceny case of more than $250 which could have been considered a felony charge. Luckily I just received a magistrate's hearing and I knew I'd do everything I can to keep my record clean as it had been. I spent hours researching attorneys on this website, as well as on yelp and google. I even took note of their ratings, clients' reviews, and stats, etc. in a spreadsheet. After talking to about five attorneys who I seriously considered to hire, I decided to work with George. He was not only very professional but also personable and pleasant to work with throughout the process. I was informed of his plan and his progress. If he couldn't pick up my phone call, I'd receive his call or text message within an hour. Every time we discussed (including the initial consultation), I felt better and more knowledgeable, which led to being more confident and less worried of the process. He was very attentive, detail-oriented, and sensible. Those qualities, among other things, I believe are key to help people win in negotiations (and persuasion, in this case). Being a former prosecutor, he also understand the perspectives of the people now on the other side of his (ours). He seems to know when to be "the beast" and when not :) The case lasted for about ten minutes, was dropped and the court cost I had to pay was almost nothing. This was even better that I had expected. By the way, his fee was very reasonable too! Reviewing the whole process, I can't think of anything that could have been better!"


"I approached George during one of the most frightening moments of my life, and in dire need for competent, trustworthy representation. Not only did George fight diligently for me and get the result that most did not think was even possible, but he also eased my anxiety, pretty much doubling as a therapist."

Former Client.

"After one of our family members was falsely accused in an assault and battery case, we reached out for help to Attorney Papachristos. Attorney Papachristos responded to our call right away, even though it was a Sunday evening. He advised us to proactively make an appearance in the Somerville District Court the next day, and Attorney Papachristos met us in the courthouse and guided us through each step of the process. To watch him in action was truly amazing - he moved quickly from room to room, obtaining all of the necessary paperwork, talking with various court officials, and explaining everything to us clearly, in terms that we could understand. He was sharp, impeccably dressed, organized, articulate, and clearly knew exactly what he was doing. When our case was called, Attorney Papachristos spoke to the court decisively and persuasively. He guided us through each of the court appearances and negotiations with the accuser, and was able to have all charges dismissed. Thanks to Attorney Papachristos, we were able to quickly put this unpleasant episode behind us and move on with our lives. Thank you, Attorney Papachristos!"

H.K. and T.N.

"I was contacted by a local detective. informing me she was going to file a criminal complaint against me. I was on the verge of being charged with a Larceny case. I immediately contacted Attorney Papachristos. He returned my phone call within minutes. He had me go by the office and gathered all my information. Afterwards he made contact with the detective . He scheduled an appointment to speak with her. within days he was able to difuse the situation therefore avoiding a charge being filed against me. I never even had to go court! This meant a lot to me as a criminal complaint of this scale would've been detrimental to my career. His promptliness and attention to detail on this case was remarkable. The fact that Attorney Papachristos is a former DA gives him an upper hand as he understands how the law works from all sides of the spectrum. He is familiar with all the strategies and tactics that the opposing parties may try to use to present their case therefore giving him a large advantage in this chess battle of law. His expertise and former experience as DA leaves me such at ease as his client. With out a doubt if I could choose one phrase to Describe attorney Papachristos and his team it would be: Peace of mind..."

Former Client.

"My 19 year old son got in trouble in Boston and we are from NY. We found George Papachristos on the computer after looking for lawyers in that area. I contacted him because I liked his profile. I called him on a Sunday and expected to leave a message but he answered. He immediately reassured me that everything would be ok and gave me hope during that first conversation. We continued to communicate through phone calls and text and he was always reachable. As a mother, I was terrified about my son's future but George spoke to me with so much confidence which made me less nervous. We finally met in court one month later and he was able to get us the best resolution without my son be permanently impacted. He not only did the legal work but also spoke to my son like a father and a mentor. I'm so happy I chose George to represent my son and now consider him a friend."

Former Client.

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