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Firm Overview

Attorney Serving Massachusetts Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Civil Litigation Clients

The Law Office of George N. Papachristos provides excellent legal representation in the areas of criminal defense, family law and civil litigation clients. The firm was founded by George N. Papachristos, a Boston criminal defense attorney and civil litigator. Mr. Papachristos is a former Massachusetts prosecutor with a strong understanding of the Massachusetts court system, and the rules of evidence. Both are attributes required of a skilled litigator.

Former Prosecutor Defending Your Rights

Mr. Papachristos’ work as a Massachusetts prosecutor has given him a valuable insight into the workings of a criminal case. He has worked alongside district attorneys and police officers, and knows the investigative and prosecutorial strategies utilized in different circumstances. This experience better enables Mr. Papachristos to aggressively defend and protect the rights of his clients, in and out of the Courtroom.

Vehicular Crimes

Since Massachusetts passed the revisions to the OUI Statute, known as Melanie’s Law, defendants charged with driving under the influence face stiff penalties. In addition to incarceration and financial penalties, an OUI arrest can result in serious personal consequences, including loss of employment, or the imposition of minimum mandatory jail sentences. Mr. Papachristos has also extensive knowledge in the specific procedural requirements when an individual is being charged with a vehicular offense. If you have been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or other motor vehicle-related offenses, the Law Firm of George N. Papachristos will vigorously defend your rights.

Narcotics Investigations

Drug cases also carry serious penalties, which depend on the type and amount of drugs involved. In addition facing significant financial penalties and jail or prison time, a defendant in a drug case also faces the suspension of his or her driver’s license. The Registry of Motor Vehicles suspends the driver’s license of anyone who receives a drug conviction for a period of one to five years, depending on the specific charges.

In a drug case, the prosecution is generally required to show that the defendant knowingly or intentionally possessed a controlled substance. Common defenses include disputing the possession and challenging the legality of the search that uncovered the drugs. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Papachristos is well-equipped to make these challenges. His knowledge of drug laws and his familiarity with police investigations give him the perspective to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. The complex legal issues presented in drug cases not only involve the admissibility of specific types of evidence in Court, but also identifying the depth and legality of the underlying investigation. A skilled attorney needs to have a working knowledge of the specific tools used by law enforcement when building their case and the ability to use any deficiencies when building a defense. Additionally, drug cases present a myriad of legal issues, including search warrant challenges, whether it be for a motor vehicle, or a phone, or forensic challenges to evidence produced by examinations of cell phones or computers. Attorney Papachristos’ knowledge and experience was not only gained in the Courtroom, through trials or grand jury investigations, but also through regular attending of trainings and continuing legal education seminars in specific areas; a credo which he still applies. His years of working collaboratively with defense attorneys, law enforcement, victims, and defendants also make him an effective negotiator who is skilled at helping shape case outcomes that balance his clients’ interests in the exercise of their rights, with the potential consequences of a particular resolution to a case.

Devoted Family Law Attorney

At the Law Office of George N. Papachristos, we understand the toll family law cases takes on all parties involved. We believe in building and maintaining productive interpersonal relationships with the other side in an effort to reach a mutually beneficial outcome when possible. This approach is particularly relevant in child custody cases, where Massachusetts courts focus on reaching a result that is in the best interest of the child. As a former Massachusetts prosecutor, Mr. Papachristos handled cases involving allegations of domestic abuse, and knows the highly emotional and sensitive nature presented in such cases. His experience in that area has given a working knowledge of the specialized legal issues presented as well as the applicable law.

We also understand that it is not always possible to work amicably with the other side. We always focus on representing our clients and protecting their interests. Unfortunately, some cases involve allegations of violence or abuse. Mr. Papachristos’ work as a prosecutor has given him the experience and skills to handle such cases with efficiency and sensitivity. He is familiar with the system, protective orders, and harassment prevention orders. He is also experienced in working with victims and handles all his cases with sensitivity and compassion.

Aggressive Civil Litigator

It is often preferable to resolve a civil case without going to court, but in some cases the parties cannot reach an agreed resolution. At the Law Office of George N. Papachristos we make every effort to resolve a case without litigation, but we are willing to go to trial if necessary.

Our civil litigation practice includes representation of both plaintiffs and defendants. Some of of our work involves contract, franchise, or license agreement disputes. Parties may dispute the existence of a valid and enforceable contract or the terms of the agreement. Contract disputes are often based on an allegation that one party has breached the agreement. The remedies for a breach of contract claim depend on the terms of the agreement and the nature and extent of the breach.

We will attempt to negotiate in any civil dispute. We will engage in mediation or other alternative dispute resolution where appropriate. If pre-litigation resolution is not possible, we have the skills to move forward through trial. Knowledge and experience with evidence presentation in Court is an invaluable and necessary skill required of an attorney. A case is potentially only as good as the admissible evidence supported by it. Not all evidence is admissible and knowing what evidence is admissible, how it is admissible, and how to present it to a Judge or jury, is what sets apart litigators from other practitioners. With almost a decade of courtroom experience, Mr. Papachristos understands knows the court systems, and is comfortable in front of a judge and jury.

The Law Office of George N. Papachristos provides high quality legal representation to all of our clients. Mr. Papachristos is a skilled negotiator and experienced litigator. From our office in Quincy, Massachusetts, we serve clients in the areas North of Boston, Boston, and South of Boston, including areas within Norfolk, Essex, Middlesex, and Plymouth Counties. If you need the services of a Boston family law attorney or criminal defense lawyer, contact the Law Office of George N. Papachristos by phone at (704) 897-7533 or online.

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